I’ve been asking questions about my ancestors for some time now.

Questions that may never have answers.

Questions that are answers in themselves.

Inspired by Mark Gonzales’ quote, “Who are we but ancestors in training (?)” from his luminous book,  In Times of Terror, Wage Beauty, I have thought about what my ancestors may have been training for. Did they know they were training their minds, hearts and bodies for future generations?

How do we as artists, creatives, people of colour, humans, train our minds, hearts and bodies for future generations?

Looking back, being present, and looking forward.

And because I don’t have all the questions or answers, I’m calling on a community of creatives to ask questions of their ancestors.

Each month, Questions for Ancestors will feature an artist, writer, artist-educator, creator, collaborator or community activist who will respond to the prompts:

If you had one question to ask an ancestor/ancestors, what would it be?


If you had one piece of knowledge to share with a descendant what would it be?

Descendants being children, grandchildren, torch-bearers of traditions, mentees, generations of creators. Descendants not limited to the bloodline or the biological.

I hope you find courage, grace and inspiration to support your creative path and to rediscover a part of your own ancestral journey.

With gratitude,

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